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Florida Strain Review On Master Kush

Updated: May 15, 2022

Club Twenty After Strain Reviews
Club Twenty After Strain Reviews

Master Kush is a popular Indica-dominant hybrid that crosses two landrace strains originating from different Hindu Kush regions. Originally called High Rise, this strain The plant delivers a gentle earthy smell accented by citrus and light herbal fragrances. Master Kush buds are light green and full of sticky trichomes surrounded by a fair amount of orange pistils. The terpene profile of Master Kush is dominated by a heavy presence of caryophyllene, which gives way to a signature peppery profile. Limonene, which gives the flower its citrus aroma, is also present in large amounts. Myrcene is also present in this relaxing strain and offers a slight herbal fragrance to the profile. This Indica is known for its relaxing, yet mild head high and is used medicinally for stress, anxiety, depression, pain, and insomnia relief.

Mater Kush strain from The Cannabist
Mater Kush

Mater Kush

Strain Type: Indica Dominant Hybrid (90% Indica - 10% Sativa)

Product Type: Flower

Lineage: Hindu Kush + Skunk (Exact Origin Unknown)

THC: 21.30%

Terpenes: Caryophyllene/Limonene/Myrcene

Aroma: Peppery/Citrus/Herbal

Flavor: Smooth/Light Bitter

Effects: Relaxed/Euphoric/Happy

Medicinal Uses: Stress/Depression/Pain/Anxiety/Insomnia

Negative Effects: Dry Mouth/Dry Eyes

Club Twenty After's Opinion

Using organic king size rolling papers, we rolled up some Master Kush from The Cannabist and certainly happy about the choice we made. The buds are nicely manicured and have an aromatic citrus smell accented with a hint of diesel. Colorful orange pistils and sticky trichomes are visibly plentiful. This strain packs a punch. Coming in at a higher than average THC percent, this Indica dominant strain brings you a generous, but mellow, euphoric feeling that may be best used more toward the end a stressful day or just before bed if Indicas have a sleepy effect on you. The flavor you get when inhaling is smooth at first but immediately followed by the slightly bitter peppery tasting caryophyllene turpines.

Overall, Master Kush has become a favorite evening strain to wind down after a hard day of stress. Some side effects we noticed were increased hunger and a sense of chill that melted away the day's problems.

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