Infused Mango Smoothie with Super Lemon Haze TruClear

Wake and shake with this homemade Club Twenty After mango smoothie infused with TruClear Super Lemon Haze. Mango is a great way to enjoy infused foods because of its ability to prolong the effects of THC. A chemical called myrcene and the terpenes inside mango react with the THC in your bloodstream to increase the potency of the effects. So, keep in mind when dosing and remember to dose down slightly to avoid too much.

Infused Mango Smoothie with Super Lemon Haze


1 cup milk 6 oz of orange yogurt 1/4 cup butter cookie coffee creamer 2 scoops of chocolate/vanilla swirl ice cream Half a cutie orange 3-4 large chunks fresh mango Half a small apple peeled Zest from orange peel

2-3 ice cubes Super Lemon Haze TruClear from Trulieve Take the TruClear syringe and place it in a bowl of very hot water for approximately 10 minutes to soften the liquid and make it much easier to dispense and dose. Careful not to burn yourself with the metal parts of the syringe.

Combine all the ingredients in a blender and mix thoroughly to ensure the TruClear is blended well and the dosage is dispersed evenly throughout the smoothie. Garnish with apple, mango and orange slices. Enjoy!!

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