Infused Meat Lover’s Scrambled Eggs On Mini Nana Bread

Meat lover’s scrambled eggs on mini nana bread is a great way to start your morning. Quick and easy to make and a wonderful way to incorporate your medicinal needs into your daily meals. Be sure to add this tasty recipe to your favorites list and share with others who enjoy infused foods and creative ways to medicate with the foods we love to eat.

If you enjoy bacon, sausage, and even more sausage, then this is an energy packed meat lover’s way of stacking the morning with your favorite foods and a touch of infusion. Distillates are our go to infusion product because it is easy to add in and requires little clean up afterwards. Simply warm the distillate and add at the appropriate time.

Meat lover’s scrambled eggs on mini nana bread is definitely a dish that will fill your hunger needs. If you’re a breakfast person or late morning brunch muncher, this hardy treat will take care of any hangry problems you have getting started for the day.

For this recipe, we are using our favorite breakfast meats, maple sausage, bacon, and polish sausage and combining them with cilantro, parmesan cheese and pepper.

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 10-15 minutes

Serves: 2

What You Need

2 large eggs

2 slices of bacon

2 maple sausage patties