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Infused Thai Coconut Chicken with Infused Teriyaki Glazed Dumplings and Stir Fry over Jasime Rice

Updated: May 15, 2022

Infused Thai coconut chicken with infused Teriyaki glazed dumplings and stir fry vegetables over jasmine rice. Be sure to add this tasty recipe to your favorites list and share with others who enjoy infused foods and creative ways to medicate with the foods we love to eat.

This recipe can be a bit challenging because you have many things going on at once. Grilling the chicken, making the coconut sauce, making the glaze and dumplings, the jasmine rice, the stir fry and preparing the distillate for final infusion.

But it is so worth the effort when the plate is served.

We generally add our infusion at the last possible minute to ensure the potency isn't altered by additional heating and that we get the full effects of the infusion.

For the chicken do your usual grill or put in the air fryer. Use boneless chicken thighs or a good tender cut if you prefer white over dark. Careful not to overcook.

To make the Thai coconut sauce:

In a medium frying pan, sauteé fresh minced garlic and ginger in a teaspoon of coconut oil. Lightly brown. Next, combine 2 tablespoons of red curry paste with 1- 8.5 ounce can of coconut milk and simmer, stirring occasionally. Let the sauce cook down a bit and thicken slightly.

Preparing the dumplings:

For the dumplings, you can use any store bought dumplings and dress them up the way you want. Or make your own. But that's another recipe in itself.

In an small fry pan, add a bit of butter, canna butter if you have, and lightly sauteé until they begin to brown. Turn the heat to low.

Make the stir fry and Jasmine rice:

For the stir fry, cut up a healthy portion of your favorite veggies for a flavorful compliment to the jasmine rice. Celery, carrots, chopped cabbage, peppers and onions are always a great mix.

At this point, add in your warm distillate to the sauce and stir thoroughly to blend. Add grilled chicken thighs to the Thai coconut sauce spooning the sauce over the chicken and covering generously. Turn off the heat and let stand on the burner.

Final touches for the dumplings:

In a small ramekin, warm the Teriyaki sauce to help keep the distillate thin. Add the distillate and mix thoroughly. With a silicone cooking brush, glaze the dumplings while cooking on medium.

Use remaining Teriyaki glaze to pour over your stir fry and Jasmine rice.

Happy medicating and eating!

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