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TruFlower Florida Strain Review On Puck Yeah Indica From Trulieve

Updated: May 15, 2022

Club Twenty After Strain Reviews
Club Twenty After Strain Reviews

Puck Yeah (Py)

Strain Type: Indica

Product Type: Flower

Lineage: The Puck x Northern Lights

THC: 25.1% / 878.5 mg

Flavors: Heavy Diesel/Pungent

Effects: Relaxed/Euphoric/Sleepy

Medicinal Uses: Anxiety/Insomnia/Pain

Negative Effects: Dry Mouth/Dry Eyes/Dizzy/Sleepy

Puck Yeah is an Indica cross between The Puck and Northern Lights. Known for its heavy full body high and strong fuel-like pungent aroma and flavor.

Club Twenty After's Opinion

Puck Yeah TruFlower is a considerably difficult strain to come across and has a tendency to be sold out at Trulieve. If you do have a chance to try this strain, it has a nice dense darker green color with trichomes and orange pistil hairs visible throughout. The aroma is a blend of a strong pungent-like and skunky smell. The taste has a nice heavy flavor that carries down your throat as you inhale. This deep flavor strain definitely puts you into a full body high that delivers sedated like relaxation and sleepiness. Puck Yeah certainly delivers the in-da-couch effects and should be a great strain for a great night sleep.

The side effects were mild and no real concerns at reasonable dosages. However, we did notice heightened feelings of sleepiness. Additionally, this is a strain you might want to hold off on to avoid daytime grogginess or fatigue.

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