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TruFlower Florida Strain Review On White Buffalo From Trulieve

Updated: May 15, 2022

Club Twenty After Strain Reviews
Club Twenty After Strain Reviews

White Buffalo Truflower from Trulieve is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that crosses with the Indica hybrid Romulan with the Indica hybrid Blackberry Kush and the strong Sativa strain Bay 11. Known for its bright sparkling white crystal trichomes, it's clear why this Sativa favorite is called White Buffalo. The terpene profile of White Buffalo is made up mostly of caryophyllene, which gives it that signature peppery profile. Other terpenes include myrcene for a herbal balance and accents of limonene to provide a slight hint of citrus.

Club Twenty After Strain Reviews - White Buffalo
White Buffalo

White Buffalo (Wbf)

Strain Type: Sativa Dominant

Product Type: Flower

Lineage: Romulan x Blackberry Kush/Bay 11

THC: 22.1%

Terpenes: Caryophyllene/Myrcene/Limonene

Aroma: Peppery/Herbal/Citrus

Flavor: Heavy Sour/Light Bitter

Effects: Happy/Uplifted/Relaxed/Euphoric

Medicinal Uses: Stress/Depression/Pain/Anxiety

Negative Effects: Dry Mouth/Dry Eyes

Club Twenty After's Opinion

White Buffalo definitely catches your attention at first glance. The obvious white clusters of trichomes give this strain a definitive characteristic and an appealing visual effect. Bud color is on the darker side of green with hints of purple and with orange pistils scattered throughout. The aroma of White Buffalo is a cross between a peppery, gassy smell with a touch of citrus accents that are very evident after going through your grinder.

When burned with organic pre-rolled cones, each inhale presents a nice smooth but heavy sour note that coats the back of your throat. Upon exhale, there are some slight bitterness that leaves a tasty treat on the tip of your tongue.

The effects are best described as fluid energy. This is the kind of strain that helps you go with the flow and stress seems to melt away for the moment while you tackle some tough choices in life. A nice euphoric feeling that is certain to pick you up a bit but bring you pleasant feelings that relax the mind so you can stay focused. The effects are intense at first but begin to taper off and plateau to a nice continuous head high that eventually signals the stomach for the munchies. Negative effects were absent in our case and experienced no substantial side effects or negative feelings you get from some Sativa dominant strains.

Overall, we are not looking forward to the bottom of this jar and can't wait to get another one just to keep some around. White Buffalo is definitely a strain to savor and enjoy while you have it. If you haven't tried White Buffalo Truflower from Trulieve, you're missing out.

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