How would you like to go all organic? ZENPAK Essentials do just that. Each pack is small enough to take anywhere and is loaded with a generous supply of premium organic pre-rolled cones, organic rolling papers, organic hemp wraps and essential smoking accessories for a clean enjoyable smoking experience. 


Club Twenty After ZENPAK Essentials are made for the daily connoisseur who require supplies on hand so they never have to worry about running out when it’s time to medicate. ZENPAK Essentials contain a hand-pick assortment of must have handy smoking accessories all tucked away in a nice little box, ready to use when you are. Perfect for the novice smoker or for someone who wants to try different products for the first time. ZENPAKS are a great way to stay supplied and ready for that next sesh.

ZENPAK Essentials


Each ZENPAK Essential is full of the best pre rolled cones, the best rolling papers, the best blunt wraps, and some essential smoking accessories to give you a clean smoking experience when you're ready to medicate and enjoy your ZEN time. If you've been wondering where to buy rolling papers, or where to buy pre-rolled cones at an affordable price, ZENPAK Essentials give you just the right amount and variety of products you need, keeping you supplied at all times, ready at all times, and at an affordable price you can appreciate.

Each ZENPAK Essential contains a booklet of the best rolling papers with tips. We teamed up with one of the most successful rolling paper companies in the world to create a unique quality brand king size organic rolling paper that offers a smooth taste and clean even burn every time. Paper is made from hemp, is non-bleached and contains organic gum.


Each ZENPAK Essential comes with a box of 20 organic pre-rolled cones with a j-tube and small wooden packer for making the perfect pre-rolls. Club Twenty After king size pre-rolled organic cones are the best pre-rolled cones for seasoned or beginner smokers. Perfect for people who smoke a lot of product or for people who are beginners and need a quick and easy way to pack one up. 


Each ZENPAK Essential contain a pack of our favorite brand of High Hemp ® CBD+ hemp wraps. Enjoy a clean smooth burn with the best organic hemp wraps. Perfect for the all night smoker or the veteran smoker who likes to hit it heavy.

Buy 2 get 1 free organic pre-rolled cones. Use code BEHIGHER at checkout.